How to keep your XMOR™ tipper body ship-shape

Protecting productivity is crucial in order to maintain a profitable mining operation. XMOR™ Mining tipper bodies load more and have lower total operating costs than any run-of-the-mill tipper body. To keep it that way, just follow the simple maintenance routines.

A checklist for productivity and safety

Daily maintenance

Inspect the tipper body for damages, cracks or deformations. Grease all lubrication points such as pivot brackets, stabilizer hinge, hydraulic cylinder joints both at the piston eye and by the chassis bracket. Check the protection wood on the subframe and the liner plates, replace if needed. Check all lamps on the truck. Listen for unusual sounds and noises.

Weekly maintenance

Check and tighten the bolts to the correct torque on the subframe attachment brackets, the hydraulic cradle mount and the pivot brackets. Do a more thorough inspection for cracks in welds on a clean body and subframe. Check hydraulic oil for dirt, oil filter, air breather filter.

Monthly maintenance

Check torque arm nut and bolts, check torque arm bushes and equalizer bushes, grease sliding parts of leaf spring, conduct wheel alignment.

For more detailed instructions on how to carry out the service and maintenance procedures, download the PDF ”Service and Maintenance XMOR™ 21.5 m3 mining tipper”.

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XMOR™ downloads

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XMOR® Mining Tipper Service and Maintenance
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XMOR® Mining Tipper Checklist
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XMOR® Mining Tipper Operating Instructions
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XMOR® Mining Tipper Product Specification

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