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We are looking for highly qualified excavator bucket manufacturers with the ability to influence the market with our innovative bucket designs. Candidates could also include on-site repair/bucket service companies, bucket rebuilders and, in select regions, even bucket resellers. An ideal partner would have an established mining and/or OEM customer base to offer our exclusive, patented, high-productivity bucket designs and wear consumables.

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What does it mean to become an XMOR® Partner?

You get to be part of the productivity revolution in the earth-moving industry. Our innovative designs are disrupting the market wherever they’ve been introduced – delivering major productivity increases. The XMOR® brand and reputation are off to a very strong start, giving you ample control over the margins you can attain.

Bring our novel designs to your customers, further cementing your relationship as a productivity partner with mine operators and excavating OEMs. If there is already a licensed XMOR® manufacturer in your region, there may still be additional opportunities, such as offering aftermarket support – e.g., site repairs, wear parts, or complete bucket rebuilds.


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Benefits of Partnership

Offer premium, lightweight, performance-enhancing buckets

XMOR® high productivity buckets made from some of the world’s most advanced steels – patented and proven to increase end-user productivity. We provide you complete sets of customized production drawings and access to a dedicated mechanical design engineer. Where practical, wear parts drawings can be offered and bucket rebuilds can be done with the aid of the original drawings.

Bring innovative buckets to market – faster

We have done all the engineering, testing, and product qualification for you. Fully leverage our intimate knowledge of SSAB’s high-strength, abrasion- and impact-resistant steels, optimized into buckets that weigh less and carry more.

Dedicated technical training and support

You and your staff will receive individualized training: product, technical, production, sales, repair and marketing.

In-depth marketing support

Take advantage of the XMOR® brand’s global recognition and highly positive industry reception – reinforced by our professional sales presentations, digital marketing, product literature, and social media content, ready to be republished on your own SoMe channels.

Do you qualify to become a licensed XMOR® Partner?

We’re looking for long-term partnerships

We create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships – preferably, but not exclusively, with HWP / HIMB / MIS members with previous SSAB steel experience – who have established themselves as preferred suppliers to OEMs and mines.

With demonstrated sales capacity

It’s essential that an XMOR® Partner has the appropriate industry expertise, strong distribution network, solid reputation with relevant end-users, and the ability to grow their customer base.

Quality as integral to brand

Demonstrated commitment to continuous quality improvement and technological advances to cultivate high customer satisfaction, brand value, and premium offerings.

With a growth trajectory

Firms must demonstrate their capacity and resources for continued growth in our target markets, including possible expansion into other mining regions and the ability to support future expanded product portfolios.

Proven access to end-users

Consideration will be given to manufacturers in strategic locations, near significant mining sites or OEMs, with the logistics to maintain a secured supply of SSAB materials. In regions where a licensed manufacturer does not offer aftermarket services, onsite repairers, bucket rebuilders and resellers with the appropriate industry expertise, strong distribution network, and solid reputation will be considered.

Delivery performance

Proven sourcing, procurement, performance monitoring, and production capabilities to provide consistent delivery accuracy, in line with standard industry lead times.

Having a strategic “fit”

Partners will see XMOR® offerings as a strategic fit in their business plans – strengthening their position in the market – and will eagerly embrace XMOR® products into their own brand portfolio.

Ample technical and production capacity

Partners must have a qualified technical staff with knowledge of local mining conditions and equipment requirements, as well as sufficient production assets and/or the ability to perform aftermarket support, including in-shop and on-site repairs.

Although we offer our own sophisticated bucket designs, the XMOR® ‘package’ of advanced steels, world-class engineering, patented features, and industry recognition allows us to offer premium solutions to our most desirable customers.

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