The XMOR® logotype against a rock wall.
The XMOR® logotype against a rock wall.

XMOR® high productivity equipment

XMOR® equipment is designed from the ground up to enhance productivity in the mining and earthmoving industry. By striking the optimum balance between durability and low weight, the result is the market’s lightest and most productive buckets and tipper bodies.

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Expect more in less time

Thanks to the improved capacity with XMOR® equipment you can expect to move more material every day, thus reducing the cost per loaded tonne. You can also expect more uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

A 3D rendering of an XMOR® BHX bucket

XMOR® BHX bucket

The XMOR® BHX bucket will give you that extra edge in mining and earthmoving thanks to the improved loading capacity and high durability.

A 3D rendering of an XMOR® TBX tipper body

XMOR® TBX tipper body

The XMOR® TBX tipper body has proved its high performance in all aspects of mining and earthmoving, from loading to hauling and dumping.

An excavator with an XMOR® bucket loads rock into an XMOR® tipper body

In the business of productivity

XMOR® is more than a product brand, it’s a mindset of productivity. Conventional mining and earthmoving equipment is just that – conventional – with all its limitations in capacity and maintenance needs. XMOR® buckets and bodies have higher capacity, and the increased productivity results in a reduced total cost of operation.

An XMOR designer in front of a screen with a tipper body drawing

Excellence by innovation

XMOR® buckets and bodies include a number of innovative and patented features, ensuring excellent performance in the toughest mining and earthmoving conditions. Explore the equipment of your choice and see how it will benefit your operation.

) A photo of a person in a workshop preparing a piece of Hardox® wear plate to be used in XMOR® equipment

Built with world-class steel

XMOR® equipment utilizes SSAB’s premium steels to their full potential. Hardox® wear plate is used in both buckets and bodies and gives exceptionally strong and weight-optimized products. In combination with Strenx® performance steel, XMOR® equipment has outstanding reliability and durability.

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