Xmor BHX bucket
Xmor BHX bucket

Get an edge in excavation with the XMOR® BHX bucket

XMOR® BHX bucket is built to give up to 15% higher payload capacity compared to a conventional bucket. This bucket targets 50 tonne excavators where increased productivity in digging brings more value to the process.

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XMOR® BHX bucket has the necessary strength for tearing out blast footings, loading trucks and crushers with blasted rock and other heavy-duty operations such as bulk earthworks and coal stripping. The reduced weight of the bucket allows for more payload without increasing suspended load.

Numbers showing 15% capacity increase for an XMOR® BHX bucket

Less weight, more capacity

New patented design and the use of Hardox® and Strenx® steels contribute to weight savings, which can be used to make the bucket larger than traditional buckets. That’s why an XMOR® BHX can give a capacity increase of up to 15% compared to a standard OEM bucket, moving from 2.8 m3 to 3.3 m3 for a 50-tonne class excavator. .

Innovative features make all the difference

We took a hard look at the issues that mining and earthmoving operations were facing and found many ways to make things better. We turned these ideas into XMOR® features that are all about helping you out.

A 3D rendering showing the Inverted Keel in an XMOR® BHX bucket

Inverted Keel

This proven and unique XMOR® feature serves the dual purpose of distributing the material smoothly inside the bucket and keeping the external plate away from the material, thus reducing wear.

A 3D rendering showing where SSAB steels are used in an XMOR® BHX bucket.

SSAB steels

Optimum performance in all of these features is made possible by using the quality SSAB materials Hardox® wear plate and Strenx® performance steel.

A 3D rendering showing the Wear Strips in an XMOR® BHX bucket

Wear Strip

The Wear Strip is made from Hardox® wear steel and provides wear resistance in this critical area.

A 3D rendering showing the Keel Saddle in an XMOR® BHX bucket

Keel Saddle

An optional liner plate which is placed in front of the Inverted Keel, adding protection to the inside of the bucket.

A 3D rendering showing the Wings Shrouds in an XMOR® BHX bucket.

Wing Shroud

Wing Shrouds are manufactured to suit straight side fronts. These parts can be made to fit various thicknesses.

A 3D rendering showing the Head Beam in an XMOR® BHX bucket

Head Beam

Made from Strenx® high-strength steel to provide structural strength. Can accommodate connections for virtually any brand of excavator.

A 3D rendering showing the Cutting Edge in an XMOR® BHX bucket.

Cutting Edge

The flat Cutting Edge can accommodate various GET options, which gives protection against rocks and wear.

A 3D rendering showing the Heel Blox in an XMOR® BHX bucket.

Heel Blox

The new XMOR® Heel Blox are versatile mechanically attached wear blocks to provide additional protection. They can be fitted to any flat high wear application.

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Certified with Hardox® In My Body

XMOR® BHX bucket comes with a Hardox® In My Body certification. This sign of quality ensures that the design and manufacturing is of the highest standards, and that it is made with Hardox® wear steel.

The Hardox® In My Body logotype.
A 3D rendering of an XMOR® TBX tipper body.

Improve your hauling productivity with the XMOR® TBX tipper body

The XMOR® range of products also includes a mining tipper body. It improves productivity thanks to its innovative design and use of Hardox® wear steel for enhanced wear resistance and structural integrity.

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