XMOR® high productivity equipment

Expect more in less time. The combination of high-strength steel and innovative design result in the lightest, hardest working products available for the mining and earth moving industry. Get bigger buckets, dump bodies and tippers that weigh less and handle far larger payloads than competitor products. With XMOR® equipment you can move more material faster.

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XMOR® high productivity equipment will revolutionize the mining and earth moving industry

Mining and earth moving operations are constantly looking to increase productivity and cost efficiency. XMOR® products are a major leap in that direction. Find out the potential in your business.

Become Xmor Partner

Become an XMOR® partner

XMOR® is a new groundbreaking product range for buckets, dump bodies and tippers. Innovative design and smart use of the premium steel brands Hardox® and Strenx® will increase payloads by 10-20 % without increasing suspended load.

Xmor BHB Series

XMOR® BHB series

Provides a productivity increase of 10-20% higher payload without increasing suspended load. This is equal to 15-30% reduction of steel in the bucket.

XMOR BHC series

XMOR® BHC series

Built to give up to 15% higher payload capacity compared to a conventional bucket. This bucket targets large-size excavators between 80 and 300 tonnes where increased productivity in digging adds value to the process.

Xmor Dump Bodies

XMOR® dump bodies

When you need to transport a lot of abrasive material quickly and safely then XMOR® dump bodies are the answer.

Mining tipper from Xmor

XMOR® mining tipper bodies

The new design of XMOR® lightweight mining tipper bodies is optimized for high productivity in open pit mining.

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XMOR® BHB brochure – imperial
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XMOR® BHB Brochure – metric

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