excavator loading a tipper
excavator loading a tipper

XMOR™ Mining tipper bodies Expect more in less time

The combination of high-strength steel and innovative design resulting in the lightest tipper body with the highest payload available for the mining and earth moving industry.


Expect a lighter body that loads more and reduces your cost per tonne

  • Reduced overall cost per tonne
  • Up to 10% increased productivity
  • 5% fuel reduction compared to conventional bodies
  • 20% lighter body
  • U-shaped floor for less carry-back
  • Faster dumping for more cycles
  • Longer service life
  • Less maintenance


Expect productivity on an XMOR™ scale

excavator loading a tipper

Expect a boost in capacity

XMOR bodies offer a payload increase of up to 10% compared to a traditional body, all without exceeding the truck load limits. This is achieved through innovative design and by utilizing both the wear resistant and structural properties of Hardox® wear plate. This has made it possible to reduce the body’s weight by removing external beams and excess steel.

Expect a drop in operating costs

The exceptional service life of an XMOR™ body cuts costs for maintenance and maximizes uptime. With all the wear-exposed areas made with Hardox® wear plate, it’s possible to increase the service life by 30% or more compared to a conventional steel when transporting different kinds of ore.

unloading a tipper

Expect more cycles per hour

XMOR™ bodies are designed to make transporting as efficient as possible. Fast dumping reduces the turnaround times, adding to the overall productivity of the trucks. Any material carry-back issues are minimized thanks to the U-shaped floor of the body, which also improves stability and positioning of the load for a smoother ride.

loaded tipper

Expect to save on fuel

Opting for an XMOR™ body will have a direct fuel cost benefit. A 5% reduction in fuel consumption has been reported from tests in different mining environments and working conditions. The lower body weight makes the entire truck lighter. Since 50% of the transport cycles are unloaded, this gives substantial fuel savings.

Expect attention to every detail

Hard and tough

Tipper body with floor, front wall and side walls made out of full size Hardox® steel sheets with minimal welding for maximum quality.

Large canopy

Protects the cabin against load falling during loading and transport.

Integrated side skirts and mudguards

Protects the truck and body during loading and hauling.

Access ladder

Provides easy access to the body via the ladder positioned on the outside wall.


Mechanical opening mechanism ensures reliability and safety with a 11° taper at rear for improved dumping.

U-shaped floor in Hardox® wear steel

Gives maximum strength, durability and wear resistance. The curved floor and transition plate also reduces material hang up.


Improves service life and stability of body and truck as it secures the position of the body and reduces damaging vibration during operations.

Body tilt support

Ensures a properly supported body for safety during inspection.

Versatile hydraulic system

Front end cylinder design enables the customer to specify a preferred hydraulic system.

screen with tipper drawing

Designed from scratch

The XMOR™ Mining tipper body is designed to take full advantage of Hardox® wear plate. In this new design every part of the body has been evaluated to identify the potential for improvements. This has resulted in a construction which is optimized for productivity, durability and performance in the toughest mine environments.

tipper drawing

See the specifications for an XMOR™ tipper body on a Scania truck

XMOR™ Mining tipper bodies are currently available for the new Scania G 440 XT 8X4 Tipper. The specification sheet gives all details on the truck and the XMOR™ body.

Expect the highest quality standards

Loaded tipper made of Hardox® In My Body

XMOR™ Mining tipper bodies use Hardox® wear plate in the entire structure.The steel has extreme resistance to wear from abrasive materials, giving the body its long service life. The body’s floor and sides can also withstand heavy impact thanks to the high yield strength of Hardox® wear steel.

The XMOR™ Mining tipper bodies are manufactured by selected members of Hardox® In My Body, SSAB’s quality program for OEMs. The manufacturing is performed according to strict specifications with quality control procedures that ensure the products conform to the highest industry standards as defined by the OEM and ISO 9001.

Expect more in less time

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