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Expect more in less time. The combination of high-strength steel and innovative design results in the lightest and hardest working products available for the mining and earth moving industry. Get higher productivity tipper bodies that weigh less and can handle far larger payloads than competitor products. With XMOR™ equipment you can move more material faster.

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XMOR™ high productivity equipment will revolutionize the mining industry

XMOR™ is a new groundbreaking product range for mining tipper bodies. Innovative design and smart use of the globally renowned brand Hardox® wear plate will increase payloads by 10-20% thanks to lower tare weight.

The steel used in XMOR™ products comes from SSAB, a company with a long history of producing high-strength quality steel. For over a century its steel has been used throughout the world in industries where high wear resistance and long-lasting performance is crucial.

Excavator loading a tipper

Get your XMOR™ equipment from the best in the business

XMOR™ products are exclusively manufactured by OEMs with a proven track-record in the production of premium equipment made with Hardox® wear plate. Transpec – which also is a member of Hardox® In My Body – is the selected OEM for the South African market.

Expect more in less time

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