About Xmor
About Xmor

Introducing a new mindset for high productivity equipment

XMOR® is a new groundbreaking product range for buckets, dump bodies and tippers. Innovative design and smart use of the premium steel brands Hardox® and Strenx® will increase payloads by 10-20 % without increasing suspended load.

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XMOR® high productivity equipment will revolutionize the mining and earth moving industry

SSAB has a long history of producing high-strength quality steel. For over a century our steel has been used throughout the world in industries where high wear resistance and long-lasting performance is crucial. As a relatively small player on a global market, we specialize in innovating and developing premium solutions such as our globally-renowned Hardox® and Strenx® brands.


Everyday, we collaborate closely with customers, developing technical solutions that meet specific needs. We manufacture superior steel that gives more freedom to design innovative and exciting products. We break industry conventions so you can gain a competitive advantage, enter new markets, and build lighter products that offer improved fuel efficiency, load capacity and productivity. And we simplify business, offering modular and prefabricated solutions and a comprehensive aftermarket service; all served through our global distribution network.


We are now building on our experience of down-stream projects by introducing a new range of modular designs under the name XMOR®. This will change the way you think about bucket and tray design for heavy equipment. Why? Because the combination of high-strength steel and innovative design result in the lightest, hardest working products available in the mining and earth moving industry. You can make bigger buckets, trays and tippers that weigh less, still using the same machine size, and can handle far larger payloads than their counterparts. In other words, end users of XMOR® equipment will be able to move more abrasive material in a lot less time.

About Xmor
About Us

Become an XMOR® partner and change the mining and earth moving industry

Paving the way for a faster time to market. XMOR® products will be available through licensed partners that are well-established in their markets. As a partner you will be able to leverage SSAB’s globally recognized product brands and our extensive high-strength steel know-how – paving the way for a faster time to market. You will also get access to our fully tested innovative bucket, tray and tipper designs for heavy machinery that take the earth-moving industry to the next level. Having XMOR® as part of your product portfolio will further strengthen your competitive advantage.

Join us in this unique opportunity. Utilize the full potential of SSAB steels, create exciting designs for a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world, and revolutionize the earth moving industry.

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