XMOR® challenges status quo in earthmoving equipment

Conventional thinking can only take you so far. To truly make an impact, a fresh perspective was necessary. XMOR® breaks industry conventions so you can gain a competitive advantage with products that offer improved productivity, load capacity, and fuel efficiency.

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XMOR® is developed by SSAB from a solid platform of industry experience, steelmaking excellence, and a tradition of always trying to find new and improved solutions. We know what can be accomplished with our steels, and we have transferred this knowledge into XMOR®.

We have explored every opportunity to improve the design and manufacturing of the equipment, challenging a number of traditional solutions and materials in the process.

Productivity goes global

XMOR® high productivity equipment is available through selected XMOR® partners in several parts of the world. The partners are established manufacturers renowned for their reliable production of quality steel equipment.

Supporting excellence

XMOR® Partners work closely with design, manufacturing, and material specialists at SSAB, ensuring that the products reach the highest standards of build quality and performance.

Join the journey

We’re on a mission to change an industry. XMOR® has become synonymous with earthmoving equipment that takes productivity to the next level. The journey continues and new ideas and innovations are already in the pipeline to become realized.

There’s always a better way to do things. This is the mantra we applied already from start. Today this thinking has resulted in a number of innovative and patented features. With XMOR® you can continuously expect more, in the shape of new innovative products that address the primary drivers in the earthmoving industry – productivity and cost efficiency.

The exceptional performance of XMOR® equipment is a result of combining innovative, patented designs with state-of-the-art steel. We use Hardox® wear steel and Strenx® performance steel from SSAB, a company with a rich history in producing premium abrasion-resistant and high-strength structural steels.

”If you are in the bulk earthworks space, and greater productivity is the aim of the game – an XMOR® bucket will be a gamechanger to your site.”

- Ontrac

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