Challenge the conventional with XMOR® BHB bucket

This backhoe buckets are targeting large size excavators where increased productivity in digging adds value to the process. The low weight of the buckets enable increased payload of 10-20% without increasing excavator suspended load.


Available in: USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and Europe.


XMOR® BHB buckets are designed for 80-300 tonne machines.


Made to tackle abrasive conditions with small to medium rocks.


All buckets carry a Hardox® In My Body certification.

Game changing innovation

XMOR® BHB Buckets have several innovative and patented features that make the buckets more effective and durable. The Inverted Keel is one example. It offers less resistance in operation, better flow of material, and a more favorable distribution of stresses.

Maximized productivity

The XMOR® BHB provides a productivity increase of up to 20 % from higher payload without increasing suspended load on the excavator. This is equal to 15-30 % reduction of steel in the bucket.

XMOR® BHB buckets are targeting large size excavators where increased productivity in digging adds value to the process. The low weight of the buckets enable increased payload of 10–20% without increasing excavator suspended load.

The possibility to skip a class

Choosing an XMOR® BHB Bucket with innovative patented features and optimal Hardox® materials can often allow a machine to perform like a bigger class of machine.

Let’s take a common class 80 ton machine, it has a bucket capacity of around 7 yd3 and weights around 9000 lbs. It is loading common dry dirt.

Staying in the weight class, XMOR® BHB 80 could increase the capacity to 7.95 yd3 without stressing the machine with additional weight.

However, if the site conditions allow, XMOR® BHB 90 could increase the capacity to as much as 8-27 yd3. That’s 18% increase. Now the class 80 ton machine is performing like a class 90 ton.

Innovative features make all the difference

Inverted Keel

There are multiple advantages associated with this feature. Such as reduced resistance in operation, optimal material flow and distribution of stresses.

Curved Cutting Edge

The curved cutting edge moves the weld away from the area of highest stress, increasing structural integrity while accommodating natural flex to alleviate stress points. This also allows for a thinner cutting edge, so you cut into material easier.

Corner Cavity

The corner cavity reduces the weight by avoiding the traditional doubling of material. The cavity is covered by our Mechanical Heel Shroud.

Mechanical Heel Shrouds

Being mechanically attached these reduce maintenance and downtime. Our Mechanical Heel Shroud covers the cavity.

Mechanical Wing Shrouds

Attached with bolts, these Wing Shrouds are designed to fit the curved edge and protect the weld point of the cutting edge. They are reversible.

Angular Head Beam

This provides structural support while still reducing the amount of steel used, which in turn reduces weight. The lack of a single horizontal channel allows optimal material flow, opening the mouth wider to accept material easier.

Keel Saddle

In more abrasive operations a little more protection is often required for the leading point of the Inverted Keel.

SSAB Products

All of this made possible by taking optimal advantage of the qualities of Hardox® wear plate and Strenx® performance steel from SSAB.

Explore the XMOR® BHB leaflet

Choose your XMOR® BHB Bucket

Utilize the bucket selector to find the perfect XMOR® BHB Bucket for your needs. Just input some information about your bucket and machine, and we’ll introduce a bucket that can handle larger loads with less weight.

Secure peak productivity with XMOR® service and rebuild kits

Revitalize your XMOR® BHB Bucket using our service and rebuild kits. The parts in these kits are meticulously designed to fit your bucket. All components feature the same hard and tough Hardox® wear plate found in the original parts.

For 50 to 120 ton machines

Size Matters
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    Profile BHB 50 BHB 60 BHB 70 BHB 80 BHB 90 BHB 100 BHB 120
    Suspended load lbs. 14000-17000 17000-20000 20000-23500 23500-29500 29500-33600 33600-38200 38500-44500
      kg 6350-7600 7600-9000 9000-10500 10500-13400 13500-15250 15250-17400 17400-20200
    Density lbs./CuYd 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030 2530-3030
      kg/m3 1500-1800 1500-1800 1500-1800 1500-1800 1500-1800 1500-1800 1500-1800
    Volume CuYd 2.60 to 4.30 4.10 to 5.30 5.00 to 6.30 6.20 to 7.70 7.20 to 8.90 8.30 to 10.10 9.90 to 12.00
      m3 2.53 to 3.28 3.15 to 4.07 3.79 to 4.80 4.72 to 5.91 5.51 to 6.83 6.32 to 7.75 7.56 to 9.20
    Payload lbs. 6578-13029 10373-16059 12650-19089 15686-23331 18216-26967 20999-30603 25047-36360
      kg 3789-5903 4728-7319 5691-8648 7085-10638 8271-12291 9476-13942 11346-16556
    Bucket weight lbs. 3689-4232 4440-5067 6037-6837 7280-8162 7984-8917 9162-10232 10094-11236
      kg 1673-1919 2014-2298 2739-3087 3302-3702 3621-4045 4156-4641 4579-5097
    Bucket width Inch 61-77 63-79 69-85 73-89 77-93 81-97 85-101
      mm 1549-1956 1600-2007 1753-2159 1854-2261 1956-2362 2057-2464 2159-2565
    Tip to pin Inch 76 82 89 94 101 105 111
      mm 1925 2100 2255 2390 2555 2660 2800
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