BHB Series
BHB Series

XMOR® BHB series

This backhoe buckets are targeting large size excavators where increased productivity in digging adds value to the process. The low weight of the buckets enable increased payload of 10-20% without increasing excavator suspended load.

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How can XMOR® BHB-series deliver the results?

XMOR® backhoe bucket provides a productivity increase of 10-20% higher payload without increasing suspended load. This is equal to 15-30% reduction of steel in the bucket.

This achievement is a result from the combination of using the best high-strength steel, Hardox® wear plate, an innovative design that is optimized for increased fatigue life and a production process of the highest quality and with consumables specially designed for Hardox® wear plate.

All these factors combined allow the reduction in material thicknesses that enables the incredible low weight of the bucket.

Xmor BHB Series

The XMOR® BHB-series comes with multiple patented- and design protected features

  • Hardox® 450 and Hardox® 500 Tuf in the design allows for reduced plate thickness
  • Optimized welding parameters and consumables for Hardox® wear plate giving high quality welds
  • New beam design (patent pending) reducing weight and enabling structural warranty
  • Less downtime is achieved by replacing weld on heel shrouds with patented mechanical heel segments
  • Inverted keel (patent pending) reducing wear on the bottom of the bucket, enabling function without heavy wear package underneath
  • Round smooth surfaces and a design that flex help to reduce carry back
Size Comparison BHB Xmor

Applications and environments

The backhoe targets three different densities; up to 2530 lbs/CuYd, up to 2780 lbs/CuYd, and up to (3030 lbs/CuYd). This means it targets light weight materials such as coal stripping and up to heavier sand and gravel. It can also handle rocks up to 20 inches

- Non-Abrasive Rock
Spade Cutting Edge

- Abrasive Rock
Spade Cutting Edge

- Bulk Earthworks
Spade, Straight, Other

-Abrasive Sand/Gravel
Straight Bolt-O

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XMOR® BHB Brochure – metric

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