XMOR® Buckets moves it like no other

An XMOR® Bucket is up to 30% lighter than an average backhoe bucket. Not only does it reduce the load on the excavator, it also gives a potential to downsize the excavator.


BHB Series

Volume: 2.66-9.2 m3 (3.5-12.0 Yd3).
Materials: Lightweight materials such as coal stripping and up to heavier sand and gravel. It can also handle rocks up to 500 mm (20”).

BHC Series

Volume: 6.18-23.02 m3 (8.08-30.11 Yd3).
Materials: Tearing out blast footings, loading trucks and crushers with blasted rock and other heavy-duty operations such as bulk earthworks and coal stripping.


Volume: 3.3 m3 (4.32 Yd3) for 50-ton excavators.
Materials: Handling limestone, rock, sand, and coal with densities up to 1800 kg/m3 (3030 lbs/Yd3) and up to 500 mm rocks (20”).

Innovations for uptime and productivity

XMOR® Buckets are designed not only to enhance productivity. They are also exceptionally easy to maintain thanks to features such as the mechanical heel shrouds. A change takes only hours instead of days, as is the case with welded shrouds.

Steel makes a difference. The low weight of XMOR® Buckets enables a payload increase of up to 20% without increasing the excavator’s suspended load. This is down to the use of world-class steels: Hardox® wear plate, the world’s No. 1 abrasion-resistant steel for longer service life, and Strenx® performance steel, the premium  high-strength steel for structural integrity.

Patented features translate into groundbreaking performance. XMOR® Buckets are designed with a number of unique features with digging and loading advantages that are tested and proven in real mining and earthmoving operations. 

Find your XMOR® bucket

With our brand new bucket selector, you can find the XMOR® bucket that suits your operation the best. Just input a few details about your bucket and machine, and we’ll show you a bucket solution that can handle bigger loads at less weight.

Maintain productivity with XMOR® service and rebuild kits

Refurbish your XMOR® bucket with our service and rebuild kits. The wear parts in the kits are made to fit every individual bucket perfectly. They are of course made of the original steel, hard and gough Hardox® wear plate.

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