XMOR® – high productivity equipment

The combination of high-strength steel and innovative design resulting in the lightest and hardest working backhoe bucket available for the mining and earth moving industry.

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Do more work in less time

XMOR® BHB for outstanding productivity

It’s the weight reduced, high-productivity choice for loading well blasted rock, overburden material, sand and gravel, and coal in open pit mining. XMOR® BHB buckets can allow a machine to perform like a bigger class machine.

XMOR® BHC for mid to tough mining conditions

XMOR® BHC buckets are built tougher making it perfect for tearing out blast footings, loading trucks and crushers with blasted rock and other heavy-duty operations such as bulk earthworks and coal stripping.

Improve your cost efficiency:

Built for high productivity

  • Built for high productivity
  • Excellent penetration and digging performance
  • Up to 20% larger volume
  • Load more ton per hour
  • Load more in less passes
  • Smooth surfaces reduce carry back

Lower weight

  • Up to 30% lighter than an average backhoe bucket
  • Potentially downsizes the excavator

Increased uptime

  • Inverted keel reduces wear
  • Bolted heel pads means no welding
  • Heel pad replacement in hours instead of days
Bucket selector

Find your XMOR® bucket

With our brand new bucket selector, you can find the XMOR® bucket that suits your operation the best. Just input a few details about your bucket and machine, and we’ll show you a bucket solution that can handle bigger loads at less weight.

XMOR equipment

XMOR buckets made with world-class steels

The low weight of the buckets enables payloads of 10–20% more without increasing the excavator’s suspended load. This is down to the usage of world-class steels.

  • Hardox® wear plate, the No. 1 wear steel for longer service life
  • Strenx® performance steel, the premium high-strength steel for structural integrity
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XMOR® BHB brochure – imperial
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XMOR® BHC Brochure - imperial
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XMOR® BHC Brochure - metric

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