Add value to your business with XMOR® Tipper Bodies

The combination of innovative design, outstanding manufacturing and premium steel results in the lightest tipper body with the highest payload available for the mining and earthmoving industry.


XMOR® MTX24 and MTX22T Tipper Body can give a payload increase of up to 6% compared to a traditional body, all without exceeding the truck axle load limits. This is why an XMOR® Tipper Body makes good business sense. It will elevate your expectations on productivity in any mining environment.

Reduced total cost of ownership

An XMOR® Tipper Body can give up to 5% reduced total cost of ownership, due to a more optimized fleet with higher productivity, longer service life and fuel savings. Up to 5% reduction in fuel consumption has been reported, with the additional benefit of a reduced CO2 footprint.


This high-performing tipper body comes in two versions. Option 1 is a rock body for overburden material, with a loading capacity of 20.2 m3. Option 2 is a versatile infrastructure box body with a capacity of 22.0 m3. Both models can be equipped with a tailgate.

Available only in South Africa


For volume data and suggested use environments, contact any of the designated suppliers. The XMOR® MTX24 body does not include a tailgate option.

Available only in India

Attention to every detail

When taking a fresh look at the challenges facing mining and earthmoving operations, we identified many opportunities for innovative improvements. Now they are incorporated as special XMOR® features for your benefit.

U shape design

The U-shaped body design with Hardox® 500 Tuf gives low weight and high structural strength.

Sideboard and headboard

The construction with no additional stiffeners and sideboard and headboard in Hardox® 500 Tuf gives a body that is more flexible and resistant to impact.

Top rail

The top rail of Hardox® 500 Tuf adds strength where it’s needed, protecting the body from falling rocks or bucket impact.

Floor and side liner plates

The additional liner plates in Hardox® 500 Tuf give extra protection in wear-prone zones.


Protects the cabin from rocks during loading and roll overs.

Body tilt support

Ensures a properly supported body for safety during inspection.

Side skirts

Protects the truck and body during loading and hauling.


Increases the safety in case of rear end collisions.

Access ladder

Provides easy access to the body via the ladder positioned on the outside wall.


Mechanical opening mechanism ensures reliability and safety with a 11° taper at rear for improved dumping. Only available in the XMOR® MTX22T.

SSAB steels

Optimum performance in all of these features is made possible by using the quality SSAB material Hardox® 500 Tuf wear steel.

Certified with Hardox® In My Body

XMOR® MTX24 Tipper Body comes with a Hardox® In My Body certification. It’s a sign of quality for the design and manufacturing of the equipment, and a guarantee that it’s made with Hardox® wear steel.

Optimized to get more out of your day

The XMOR® BHX bucket is a great match to the XMOR® MTX24 Tipper Body. The capacity of the XMOR® BHX bucket allows it to fill an XMOR® MTX24 Tipper Body with all full buckets, maximizing the hauling efficiency.

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