Xmor BHA Series
Xmor BHA Series

XMOR® BHA series

This buckets gives a productivity increase with 10-20 % higher payload without increasing suspended load.

The best in-class lightweight buckets offering up to 20% increase in machine payload

Designed and proven in some of the toughest global mining conditions, XMOR® BHA buckets are designed for maximum payload capacity and minimal on-site maintenance – resulting in increased productivity, whilst combatting high abrasive wear through the use of wear-resistant steels within the bucket construction. The buckets are produced using the toughest wear steel in the world, Hardox® wear plate. Products such as Hardox® HiTuf, Hardox® 450, Hardox® 500 and Hardox® 550 offer exceptional wear resistance and mean that additional internal and external wear packages are minimised or eliminated – reducing on-site maintenance, increasing uptime and significantly reducing total cost of ownership. Key design features also reduce the contact pressure on the sidewalls and floor when digging, which further reduces the wear rate. Reduced drag and narrower cross-sectional area result in improved digging performance and reduced cycle times.

XMOR® BHB buckets are available for all major OEM backhoe excavator models from 100MT payload capacity up to 800MT, and can be offered in a range of volumes to cater for different material densities and fill factors, and with a range of GET options including Cast and Plate lips.

Best in-class lightweight bucket

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